Cohline 2240 R9 Specification 10mm ID Rubber Fuel Injection Hose (E85 Compatible)

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Cohline 2240 R9 Specification Rubber Fuel Injection Hose (10mm Push On) E85 Compatible

QTY 1 =  1 Meter Length, If you require a quantity of 2 or more, this will be supplied in one continuous length up to 20 Mtrs 

With the rise in ethanol and other additives percentage in petrol, the R9 specification hose is the only one you should consider when replacing existing hose.

By using a lower specification may result in premature ageing of the hose


Petrol In Mixture With Allowed Content  
  Methanol 0-100%  
  Ethanol 0-100%  
  Butanol 0-100%  
Diesel In Mixture With Allowed Content  
  Rapeseed Methyl Ester 0-100%  
  Hydro Treated Vegetable Oil 0-100%  
  Fatty Acid Methyl Ester 0-100%  
  Siya Methyl Ester 0-100%  


Hose Construction

Inner Layer FKM
Intermediate Later ECO
Reinforcement Aramid
Outer Layer ECO


Dimensions & Pressure

Inner Diameter :- 9.3mm

Outer Diameter :- 15.3mm

Working Pressure:- 10 Bar

Testing Pressure:- 20 Bar

Burst Pressure:- 50 Bar

Smallest Bend Radius:- 60mm

Working Temperature -40 Deg C to +125 Deg C


Additional Standards

BMW GS93010

DBL 6257.70

GME 08007


VW TL52424


More Information
Fuel Petrol up to E10, Petrol + E85, Diesel, Petrol up to E5
Material Rubber
Manufacturer Cohline