Fuel Pump Filter (In-Tank) Sprung Loaded

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In-Tank Fuel Pump Filter 22-018

The fuel pump pre-filter or fuel sock, is a fuel system's first line of protection against fuel system contamination; including dirt, dust, or other fine particles found in petrol
Petrol also has a tendency to varnish over time, leaving a thick filmy layer over everything inside the tank--from the fuel pump internals, to the tank walls, and especially pre-filter.  A varnished or clogged strainer restricts flow, forcing the fuel pump to work harder, which can affects pumps technical life.
Please Note:-This pre-filter is designed for use with regular unleaded petrol up to E85

Diameter mm:- 80mm

Outlet mm:- 22.5mm

Micron:- 80

Construction:- Polyamide



Ti Automotive (walbro) GSS340
TI Automotive GSS350
5CA205 5CA205




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Fuel Petrol up to E10, Petrol + E85