In-Tank Fuel Pump Filter (125-142)

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In-Tank Fuel Injection Filter

The fuel pump pre-filter or fuel sock, is a fuel system's first line of protection against fuel system contamination; including dirt, dust, or other fine particles found in petrol
Petrol also has a tendency to varnish over time, leaving a thick filmy layer over everything inside the tank from the fuel pump internals, to the tank walls, and especially pre-filter.  A varnished or clogged strainer restricts flow, forcing the fuel pump to work harder, which can affects pumps technical life.
Please Note:-This pre-filter is designed for use with regular unleaded petrol up to E85

Length mm:- 115mm

Width mm:- 55mm

Outlet mm:- 11mm

Micron:- 80

Material:- Polyamide


Make Part Number
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GSS341
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GSS342
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GSS351
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GSS352
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GST400
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GST400HR
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GST450
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GST450HR
Ti Automotive (Walbro) GST520

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Ford XR1U-9C358-AA


More Information
Fuel Petrol up to E10, Petrol + E85
Manufacturer Sytec